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Tutorial 1: How To Register An Account


This video shows how to register an account. For Site Information, for the Site Name you had insert, your website url address will be

  • {site name}.my-dad-my-hero.com/ or
  • {site name}.my-mom-my-queen.com/ or
  • {site name}.you-are-my-love.com/ or
  • {site name}.to-me-you-are-perfect.com/ or
  • {site name}.my-official.site/ or
  • {site name}.my-official.website/ or
  • {site name}.my-personal.site/ or
  • {site name}.my-personal.website/ or
  • {site name}.my-personal-site.com/ or
  • {site name}.our-official.site/ or
  • {site name}.haswebsite.com/

depending from which website you are registering at. Your Site Name must be at least 4 characters (letters/numbers only). Once your site is created the site name cannot be changed.