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Why Everyone Needs A Website

The best gift Santa can’t even get you: A Unique Website.


If you don’t think you need a website, think twice, because everyone else has already gotten theirs and here’s why we’d hate to see you miss out, again.

The opportunity is limitless. Imagine if you can consistently guarantee to create a professional and memorable first impression every time you meet someone new – not with a handshake, not with your card, but your own personal website. Picture your parent’s face when they receive on Christmas – not a card, not a letter, but a tech savvy cool website they can access from anywhere in the world full of pictures and beautiful messages and not worried about ever losing it. Picture having a professional website set up by you so quickly and easily, creating instant credibility and legitimacy, enabling potential customers from all around the world to read about you online. The opportunity is limitless. If you don’t own a website you are already behind.

You might think you don’t own a business, you’re just an employee so you won’t need a website. What if one day, because you have a personal website set up, a higher tier employer came across your website one day and decided to reach out? That’s another opportunity that could double your pay, steer your career into something you are actually passionate about, or change your life.

If you don’t have a website, that will never happen, right?


Or perhaps as the holidays are coming along, you are simply looking for a gift idea, trying to find something different this year. You might think a website is the opposite of a gift, but this might be the best present you will ever gift. Instead of writing the usual boring holiday cards people have been receiving their entire lives, why not surprise them with an exciting, lovely, personalized website that has pictures, messages, links, and memories. Memories that won’t get lost in a drawer or left at the mall. This is a gift your mother or wife could open up in her new smartphone anywhere she goes when she misses you, show it to her friends. This is a gift that can be added and updated as you two share more wonderful times.

This gift can grow. This is a gift that is shared. Do you feel the magic?

We love websites because of exactly that. We believe in the unlimited potential a website can create, the joy, the opportunities, the emotions it brings. That’s why we set our vision and mission for Everyone Has Website.

We are EveryoneHasWebsite.com and have created satisfied and happy returning customers through our platform. We provide a very easy to use platform that has everything you need, to drag and drop on beautiful templates, adding your own pictures, texts and videos. Let us help you create that magical moment, whether it be a new career possibility, building a new relationship, or creating beautiful emotions.

The best thing is it all just costs… less than a cup of coffee! That’s right.


Just $5.


Most of the other web builder services costs at least $60 a year to $300 a year. Here at EveryoneHasWebsite.com not only do you get to build an amazing website, you ALSO get a unique website url, along with a free web hosting server for a whopping $5 per year! That’s almost the same price as a coffeehouse coffee! The reason we are able to charge such a low price is because we do everything automated, cutting down manpower involved in the process, and we believe our customers deserve the fairest price. Nobody should have to pay that much just to set up a website as a gift. We don’t want to charge you extra for our advertising budget or unnecessary expenses, we just want you to have your website today at the right price.

With JUST $5, we are giving you:

  • An instant automated personalized website which you can customize with your own photos, messages, and videos, and will be up and running right after payment.
  • Subdomain name url of your choice.
  • Easy to use template, saving time and making it as easy as possible.
  • Streamlined user experience of drag and drop easy to use interface to get you from zero to a hundred quickly, with no website experience needed.
  • An entire year of hosting for your unique website on our server.

Would you rather continue meeting people with outdated business cards without a website, send your loved ones boring letters, or stagnate your potential business by not having a unique website? Or pay $300 a year just to find yourself tangled in complicated tools and extra confusing features you don’t need just to give up and leave it aside? I know that’s not what you want.

Take almost no risk by trying your first website on our platform today. With no more than $5, you can have instant access to a fully automated website, with your subdomain name, easy to use interface, and have it running for an entire year with no hidden charges.


Click below to get your website today! Wait no longer, as we cannot guarantee the price won’t change in the near future.

1. For Dad

Build website As

  • Father’s Day Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Surprise
  • Appreciation Letter

2. For Mom

My Mom My Queen Website Builder

Build website As

  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Surprise
  • Appreciation Letter

3. For The One You Love

Build website As

  • Valentine’s Day Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Surprise
  • Love Letter

5. Business Website

Business Website Builder

Build website For

  • Marketing
  • Gaining Credibility
  • Showcase
  • Socializing

I forgot to mention, you could get it for free as well. For free.


We are also providing an opportunity for you to get a website on our haswebsite.com subdomain just by simply sharing our platform on social media. That’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Get your first free website today and see what it’s like!

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